Saturday, December 12, 2015

Where's the love ya'll

After being MIA for quiet some time I've decided to jump back into the blogging wagon. I must be honest I seriously missed how much I used to dig deep and stick my nose into the '' non of my business you're not welcomed zone'' and post exclusively for you guys what's going on behind closed doors of our beloved Arab celebrities.

I'm super excited so let's get to it...


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sheikha Maryam Bint Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum: Attention Seeker?

I thought Emaratis are very conservative especially when it comes to exposing their sacred women! I am very surprised to see how the sister of Fazza3 and the daughter of the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum Maryam, is out and about "seductively" posing in most of her pictures. Don't get me wrong Sheikha Mayam is a beauty but all I am saying is she trying to change the image the world portrayed for UAE and Arab royals from a conservative traditional sheikhas to modern one? 

What do you guys think?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed 'Fazza3': The Story Behind his Girlfriend!

This is a GOSSIP blog and if you think you may get offended by what you are abut to read...then please x out NOW! 

Are you guys ready to invade the private life of our prince charming? well It is about time to share the scoop with you and silence some speculating minds. For as long as I can remember, Fazza3's love life has been a hot topic for most of his fans. Fazza3 never talked about his love life in public and probably never will due to the sensitivity of the position he occupies as the crown prince of Dubai. Judging by the amount of pictures of our beloved sheikh that are readily available online, he definitely has love relation with the spotlight!. In a perfect world, he would wanna hold hands with his girl and let the world envy. 

Back to the subject, we got some sizzling facts that came from a super extra duper close person to Fazza3 to share. First, let me say that Sheikh Hamdan is still with the same girlfriend that he started to date around 2008is, despite the fact that he was engaged to his cousin Sheikha Sheikha Al Maktoum he remained in a close relation with her. Because I personally saw the girl sheikh Hamdan hung out with last time he was in KY, descriptions given to me by his close "friend" matches perfectly those of his longtime girlfriend.  

Fazza3's girlfriend is actually his HALF COUSIN!!! You read that right, I knew this long time before others but I chose to wait before I dedicate a post talking about her. As you might have heard before, she is Latina-looking brunette with banging body and gorgeous face who happens to be a daughter of a famous Latin-American business woman!. Her mother met her father in London around 1987 and they were secretly married till they separated back in 2002 and ever since she hardly see her own father. She has a non-Arab name and was born between 1988 and 1990. Her name will remain untold as I promised the source to keep it a secret.  Her father introduced her to the ruling family of Dubai around 2003 where she met Sheikh Fazza3 for the first time. They stayed in touch ever since but the fact that she lived in the USA and he's based in Dubai made it hard for them to frequently meet. 

They were good friends for quite sometime before their relation developed into a love story. Sheikh Hamdan expressed his interest in marrying his estranged half cousin but his parents did not welcome the idea of marrying a "stranger" especially that her mother is American and the fact that she was raised differently did not help. 

Up until this moment, Fazza3's girlfriend is between Dubai and USA and attends a college in the United States of America.   



KY 2012 Derby: Prince Charming Hamdan Bin Mohammed Lightened Up Kentucky Sky

My dream man showed up his pretty little face in Churchill Downs Kentucky this past Friday to attend the infamous 2012 KY derby. The sheikh accompanied his daddy Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum. Alongside was his personal photographer and members of his entourage. 
We were trying to track..well..."stalk" down where he went and with whom but it looks like this time the prince learned his lesson from his last KY visit and decided to hide his charming face and tiny physiques from stalkers. I would't be surprised if someone saw him again with girl! Simply because If it was me, and my prince is coming to town I'd fight tooth and nail to be next to him...but that's just me hehe

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beauty Corner: Haifa Wehbe's Secret to Flawless Skin

Love her or hate her, fake or natural , Haifa Wahbe remains one of the most beautiful flawless women I have ever laid eyes on. Haifa Wehbe recently unveiled the secrets behind her beauty and perfect complexion. Haifa stated that she gets enough sleep and drinks lots of water... 'no secrets so far!'. Haifa also added that she exercises at least 45 minutes 5 days a week and trys to follow a healthy diet without restricting herself too much from her favorite foods. She does not smoke and trys to avoid any bad unhealthy habits that ruins one's beauty.

Haifa Wehbe was asked to share some beauty products that she can't live without, she stated that Mario Badescu Drying Lotion  is one of her holly grail "emergency" beauty products. Even Haifa is susceptible to pimples that's why whenever she gets a one she applies it overnight and she wakes up to almost a clear face. She also stated that she can never live without eye creams and lip butters. She shares that one of her favorite eye creams is Grassroots Vitamin C Brightening Eye Cream because she tries to stay natural as much as possible. 

Beside beauty products her main advice to women everywhere is mainly to avoid strict diets and try to incorporate a work out routine into their daily activities to enjoy a normal life, because the most important thing in staying beautiful is living a stress-free life. She added that every woman should take care of the way she looks without making the idea of staying young and beautiful mind-consuming.

Who doesn't want to look fresh like Haifa always do?!!! 

Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel...rumors or is it the truth?

You might have heard about the comment Star Academy runner Basma Bousel posted on her Facebook page last year stating that "the ones who fail to accept our love are fools!". That was a clear message Basma sent out to Tamer Hosny's fans right after she knew their reaction was negative towards the rumors of her being in a love relationship with Tamer Hosny. Basma co-stared on Tamer's latest video clip “Ma Tisaalnish”. In the clip, Basma and Tamer took it a little to the extreme...more than the Arab audience can accept and shared a lot of hugs and affections which it makes it hard to believe Tamer would want to marry Ms. Bousel. My assumption is based on Mr. Hosny's descriptions of his future wife!

Tamer fans have rejected her presence in the clip and stated that Basma was not right for the role of his love interest on or off-screen and even warned Tamer Hosny that any relationship with Basma will make him lose a large percentage of his fans. Basma later apologized to Hosny's fans and stated that she didn't write that post on "HER" Facebook account and that she could never say such a thing. Come on Basma...we all know that you are a shameless wannabe.

Basma might be taking advantage of Tamer Hosny after her fifteen minutes of fame are over. But it sure looks like Mr. Hosny enjoys being taken advantage of! Recent eyebrow raising pictures circulated online showing Basma in a NYC restaurant having late night dinner with Tamer and his crew. According to sources close to Tamer Hosny Basma flew to the USA a few days after Hosny kicked off his first American/Canadian tour back in January of 2012 to be by his side. They also stated that Basma kept Tamer company almost everywhere and she was in Los Angeles during the video making of his latest work in collaboration with American rap phenomena Snoop Dogg 'Si El Sayed'.

I stumbled upon Tamer Hosny's 31st birthday pictures and Basma was right next to him among his family and close friends "blowing his candles". Even though singing sensation denied the existence of any love relation between them but pictures can sometimes be stronger than words. Basma's travel to the US is one strong evidence that there must be something more than just friendship or "work-ship" going on but Tamer Hosny is way smarter than spilling his beans especially that his fans warned him they will stick by his side NO MORE if they turned out to be love birds. Whatever it is, we wish Tamer Hosny and Basma nothing but the best.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tamer Hosny- stronger than ever ; Talk To The Hand Haters

It is no surprise that successful people like the romantic singer Tamer Hosny make a lot of enemies throughout their career life. Tamer had his fair share of rumors and haters tried hard to portray him in the worst possible image to the world and believe me it's all part of the game played by the dirty societies of fame.  Playing dirty is a trend that I personally think it's a double edged sword.  It can kick you high up to the moon or wipe you off the face of planet fame so no one will bother to lend you a deaf ear.

Do you guys remember the day Tamer Hosny appeared on stage at Medan Tahrir  in Cairo during the Egyptian Revolution, Protesters grew angry at him and since that day he was not welcomed even though he later apologized through national TV admitting that he had made a mistake, and now he supports the protests. Oh well Temo,  good save!

We all remember that Tamer had to cancel his 2011 American/Canadian tour as soon as he heard about demonstrations spread across Egypt, and flew back immediately. How unfortunate that Tamer's 2012 American/Canadian tour started the same day Egyptian slaughtered, Tamer had a tough decision to make. Whether to go with the plan and hold his concerts in the States and Canada or cancel them? He has already canned them last year and this made it nearly impossible to cancel once again with all that money at stake that goes with the promotion and the costs of the tour. The loss was going to be huge on both,  tamer and the event company. 

See,  after canceling his first tour and dealing with the amount of financial damage that followed.  People tend to forget  the good in a blink of an eye instead they'll just focus on things that doesn't even make sense... At that point there was loads of people felt very upset that Tamer couldn't cancel his tour for the second time. The activists were waiting for him in New York and New Jersey with singed protesting his concert during those hard times in Egypt.

They even has signs to shame the star. In a video of Egyptian activists--Jersey is the home of many of them. They chanted against Tamer and the military rule. Regardless of all that bill It's worth mentioning that the DC concert went just fine with no incident and people danced their butt off to the awesome tunes of Mr. Hosny.

Tamer had to get into the theater with police protection as more and more people have joined the protest against the singer according to Elaph magazine. Meanwhile them angry people shook what their mama gave'm to the max!!


Despite the ups and downs Tamer had to deal with through that period of time he's still number one in the middle east and he's making it big. He made it to the very top and we hope that he stays there forever.

You do your thing Tamer and remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger..

London out! 💋

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fazza3 vs. Apple

I am a die hard Apple fan…a sucker for anything with Apple logo on it. And for some odd reason Sheikh Hamdan (Fazza3) reminds me of Apple products! Weird right? I am sure you will agree with me by the time you are done reading this entry. Lemme tell ye why...Both Apple products and Sheikh Fazza3 are dominant….smart... elegant…stunning ... and of course popular. So you still think I am weird?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Haifa Wehbe Divorce?

Celebrity psychic Leila Abdu Latif predicted Haifa Wehbe's divorce from her Egyptian weird-looking hubby Ahmed Abu Hashima to occur very soon. I personally don't buy "fortune telling" crap so her predictions means nothing but a big load of shit to me. Previous rumors suggested Abu Hashima's conservative family had repeatedly asked him to divorce Haifa after they discovered some deleted scenes from her acting debut movie 'Dukan Shehata' where Haifa was laying on a bed semi-nude kissing another member of the 'Dokan Shehata' cast - after a Lebanese magazine published images of these scenes on its cover...hmmm why did they approve the wedding from the beginning? they knew what their son was getting himself into so deal with it Al Abu Hashima. Some tabloids also highlighted the domestic problems Haifa is facing with her Egyptian husband that supposedly led to physical violence, which Haifa has continually denied.

In recent interview Haifa Wehbe asserted how happy she is with the man of her dreams and can never imagine him divorcing her. I honestly never believe 99.9% of the shit tabloids craft about her life, after all she's all that shit in the middle east and obviously any sizzling story about her would shoot their sales up. You guys remember the American movie "Baby Doll Night" with Billy Zane that Haif was supposed to star in? Her singing at the Micheal Jackson tribute concert? her real age being only 34? LMAO Yeah right!. And oh yeah! the mystery behind haifa wehbe's age remains unresolved. 

To wrap up the subject, Haifa Wehbe is sill Mrs. Abu Hashima.

Alia Jaber Al-Sabah: Introducing Herself As The Wife Of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum

                                                 Courtesy of

    Remember when Alia Jaber Al-Sabah went all zealous over Twitter falsely claiming that she's the "abducted child" of the late Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah and the "forgotten" other half of the crown prince of Dubai ; Sheikh Hamdan bin Momhammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum? The victim, the helpless, the oppressed woman. blah blah blah.This created a lot of confusion among his crazy “fans”. I am here to tell you guys that this time Alia had the guts to take it a little beyond far and I truly hope it backfires on her before we know it. 

Out of nosiness I image-googled (Alia jaber al sabah) and this image (posted above) popped in as the very first result. I followed the link and I ended up here. I never thought I'd live to see this day. I was stunned to read what the blogger noted down about this woman "There was also a special guest attended the event: Her Highness Sheikha Alia Jaber al-Ahmad al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Crown Princess of Dubai!  (Wife of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bih Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Makfoum Crown Prince Dubai.)".

Seriously Alia HOW DARE YOU?! Attending such an occasion in such a big city (NYC) introducing yourself as the wife of crown prince of Dubai Hamdan bin Mohammed? It's the Shameless, Diler- The Daring, or pick a title of any other shitty movie about the world ending you can think of. I've finally hit the point where I can clearly say that Alia Jaber is such a reprehensible piece of junk that she can no longer be taken simply. 
This calls for legal precedence. I for myself think that it is about time that Sheikh Hamdan took this madness seriously before people think she's a legitimate person and sympathize with her and turn all on him - otherwise this woman will audaciously continue to use his name and tarnish his reputation. Whatever she is doing and will keep on doing if no body put a stop to it, is definitely creating a dent to Fazza's reputation in the first place. I am still surprised that Sheikh Hamdan didn't even attempt to put an end to these outrageous claims. Sheikh Hamdan should have stepped forward and sued Alia's ass...This leaves me mystified.