Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel...rumors or is it the truth?

You might have heard about the comment Star Academy runner Basma Bousel posted on her Facebook page last year stating that "the ones who fail to accept our love are fools!". That was a clear message Basma sent out to Tamer Hosny's fans right after she knew their reaction was negative towards the rumors of her being in a love relationship with Tamer Hosny. Basma co-stared on Tamer's latest video clip “Ma Tisaalnish”. In the clip, Basma and Tamer took it a little to the extreme...more than the Arab audience can accept and shared a lot of hugs and affections which it makes it hard to believe Tamer would want to marry Ms. Bousel. My assumption is based on Mr. Hosny's descriptions of his future wife!

Tamer fans have rejected her presence in the clip and stated that Basma was not right for the role of his love interest on or off-screen and even warned Tamer Hosny that any relationship with Basma will make him lose a large percentage of his fans. Basma later apologized to Hosny's fans and stated that she didn't write that post on "HER" Facebook account and that she could never say such a thing. Come on Basma...we all know that you are a shameless wannabe.

Basma might be taking advantage of Tamer Hosny after her fifteen minutes of fame are over. But it sure looks like Mr. Hosny enjoys being taken advantage of! Recent eyebrow raising pictures circulated online showing Basma in a NYC restaurant having late night dinner with Tamer and his crew. According to sources close to Tamer Hosny Basma flew to the USA a few days after Hosny kicked off his first American/Canadian tour back in January of 2012 to be by his side. They also stated that Basma kept Tamer company almost everywhere and she was in Los Angeles during the video making of his latest work in collaboration with American rap phenomena Snoop Dogg 'Si El Sayed'.

I stumbled upon Tamer Hosny's 31st birthday pictures and Basma was right next to him among his family and close friends "blowing his candles". Even though singing sensation denied the existence of any love relation between them but pictures can sometimes be stronger than words. Basma's travel to the US is one strong evidence that there must be something more than just friendship or "work-ship" going on but Tamer Hosny is way smarter than spilling his beans especially that his fans warned him they will stick by his side NO MORE if they turned out to be love birds. Whatever it is, we wish Tamer Hosny and Basma nothing but the best.

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